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There are plenty of reasons to love ceramic & porcelain floors

Ceramic & porcelain aren’t just floor coverings; they are also beneficial and expressive works of art that you can walk on every day. The fact that these materials are easily some of the most gorgeous on the market only means you’ll greatly enjoy the decorating possibilities. You’ll also love the protection you get from these materials, which also have an incredible lifespan averaging 50 years. Their durability makes them a perfect choice for every room, from bathrooms to bedrooms.

Pro Flooring LLC began operations in 2005 and since that time, we have grown to accommodate more and more homeowner needs. We are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction and work hard to offer materials, products, and services you’ll be ecstatic about. We currently serve the communities of Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue, Auburn, Renton, Redmond, Kent, Bothell, Puyallup, Federal Way, Issaquah, Kirkland, and Kenmore, all from our showroom in Renton, WA. We’d love the opportunity to serve you and we welcome your visit when we can discuss your specific needs.

Ceramic & porcelain details you’ll appreciate

In ceramic & porcelain floor coverings, you have a wealth of decorative possibility. Some homeowners prefer the neutral colorings and feel that come with all natural designs. These are simply clear coated, straight from the kiln, leaving you with the look of freshly baked clay. On the other hand, some of these tiles are covered in the brightest colors glazes and patterns, offering you exciting new options in decor. They can be cut to your specified size and shape as well, which means you’ll have the ability to help create stunning and unique mosaics and patterns for your own home.

You’ll never have to worry if ceramic & porcelain are durable enough. While they are very hard and dense, and require special experience during installation, once in place they can really take a beating. When standing up to heavier than usual foot traffic, these materials resist chipping, cracking, stains, scuffs, and fading, leaving you with a floor that looks great for years. Add a few area rugs for both protection and an added decorative element, and you have something that no one else has.

Water resistance is another determining factor in ceramic & porcelain for many homeowners. They stand up so well, in fact, that these materials are highly sought after for bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens. Some homeowners even prefer to accent their flooring with backsplashes and countertops made of the same materials.

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