Company Installation Guidelines + Expectations


Prior to installation, remove everything up to 4ft off the floor, including closets, where new flooring is being installed. Empty Refrigerator. Disconnect and remove any electronics or personal devices. Inform your estimator and installers of any wires running underneath your existing floors, such as radiant heat, alarm, or speaker cables. PRO FLOORING LLC is not responsible for loss of valuables (e.g ~ electronics, ca$h, jewelry, including mementos)


We require ALL materials supplied by PFL to be paid in full and 50% of labor costs to be paid prior to scheduling your install.


PFL will expeditiously complete work. Subject to material availability and/or equipment, adequate sewer, water, electricity, gas or any utility service, restricted access to the worksite, communication delays.


PFL always test moisture conditions when installing new hardwood floors. Existing floors must be within 4% between the subfloor and your new floors, prior to installation. Higher moisture content can be caused by conditions such as water in crawl spaces, improper insulation between floors, or jobsite environment. Any work performed by PFL to dry out your home would be an additional charge.


$80.00 minimum to move and place back furniture. $100 charge per appliance to move and place back. PRO FLOORING LLC will not move Gas appliances. Additional charges apply to heavy items (e.g ~ Pianos, Exercise Equipment)


Charges apply to remove and dispose of existing flooring. If you have opted to demo your own floors, removal and disposal must be done prior to your installation date.


Sometimes new flooring installed is not the same height as existing, requiring doors to be shaved. We shave most doors at an additional cost of $25.00/door. If your new flooring creates gaps under door jambs, these can be filled upon request at an additional cost to be bid onsite. Customers also have the option for plywood underlayment to be installed, raising the new floor to a height that eliminates door gaps at an additional charge.


Additional charges apply to repair unique conditions such as leveling their floor, asbestos, structural, and/or water damaged floors. NOTE: PFL installers do not remove asbestos floors. If you are aware of these conditions, inform the Estimator or Installers. We can arrange for a certified asbestos abatement company to perform this service for you at an additional cost.


Expect minor touch up painting needed after installation. Normal installation methods will likely scuff existing baseboards and walls. Our installers use utmost care to minimize these issues. Client will give notice to PFL of any alleged defective work. Client will allow PFL to Inspect/Correct.


PFL will remove debris caused by installation. Leftover, unopened product will be left for future maintenance.


After installation a Walk-Through is arranged, normally with the original Estimator. Let us know at that time if there are any details that you notice needing additional touch up. If your NEW floors are perfect, with nothing left to complete, we will collect the remaining balance owed at that time.


Labor is guaranteed for (1) year after installation. All PFL materials supplied by PRO Flooring LLC is guaranteed its full manufacturer’s warranty.